What I'm Wishing For in 2016

Five Fucks to Give

First thing is that I’m only going to have five fucks to give in 2016. One for my wife Lane, three for our pets Chai, Hanna and Olive and the fifth for myself. This means keeping a low tolerance on the amount of stress and nonsense we’re allowing into our lives.

Second thing is that Lane stays cancer free. After her having cancer three years ago and her family history she has an increased risk in certain types of cancer. Doing everything we can to reduce stress helps keep those risks down.

Stop wasting our money and resources on useless shit the keeps pulling in our attention. Those resources are for our benefit and not for anyone or anything else’s. This means building up a sort of garbage collection for ourselves. Keep only what we want or need and remove everything else. Editing out things that keep our attention without giving us any benefit.

Work on Meaningful Things

Joining Ticketmaster was attractive to me for two reasons. Working on something that sells experiences to anyone who purchases a ticket and the challenge of modernizing a 40 year old service made up of over a hundred products and services. It’s not another company catering to other tech companies in the Bay Area.

Keep helping people by sharing more of my experiences. This includes both my professional and our personal experiences of moving and living in six different cities in four different states. Each of these moves were related to making changes that Lane and I thought would be good for us.

Except for me moving out to California eight years ago after I met my wife the remaining four moves were all ones we made together to try and make a better life for ourselves and our pets. All four had issues that we would not accept bringing us back to California. These include career, money, personal friendships and the impact of those on our lives. This has forced us over the last few years to really dig into what was making us unhappy about staying in the Bay Area, what we really wanted in life and how we go about making those decisions. It’s that decision process and how we’re still learning the best way of going about it that I expect would be helpful to some.

That my profession and peers step up a bit and start tackling serious challenges

I worry that our culture of disposable things has impacted what we choose to work on. That work has come to be thought of as disposable as the things we buy. How much opportunity costs have we lost building and rebuilding the same photo, social media, or streaming application rather than dealing with climate change, the increasing demands of a larger population, or outdated infrastructure?

I wish for a stronger technology center other than the Bay Area to emerge and act as a balance against what has become the uninspired normal direction our talents have been going towards. Tesla and SpaceX are the exceptions to this. I just wish we had more companies like that chasing the hard problems rather trying to disrupt the same things over again.