The Concepts of John Boyd are much more than just the OODA Loop

Ever since John Boyd’s OODA Loop was introduced to the web community at Velocity, we’ve had an oversimplified and incomplete view of his ideas. One that has been reinforced by reusing a version of the same basic diagram that he never drew.

Are We Becoming just the Caretakers of Technology?

Even before the first opening talk at Monitorama I started to feel that some of the technology we use have become more magic than science to many of us, including myself. And that the tempo of work we feel either from ourselves or others prevents our chance to adequately become confident in how these things work.

The Almost Offical Package Manager for Mac OS X

I recently watched the video of Mike McQuaid’s “Homebrew – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of OS X Packaging” talk from FOSDEM ’15 and it reminded me of the early days of package management for OS X.

More Messy Experiments; everything doesn’t need to be a side project

Forget side projects, just experiment. Don’t attach any goal other than learning to this process. Create time for yourself to try out crazy ideas and don’t worry about what people think of the results, especially from yourself.

Leadership, Mentoring and Team Chemistry, the Soft Skills needed for DevOps

When I wrote that as a profession we’ve only scratched the surface of applying the ideas from DevOps and that we’ve been focused on the tools side of things I had thoughts in mind on how to address the points I raised.