Are We Becoming just the Caretakers of Technology?

Even before the first opening talk at Monitorama I started to feel that some of the technology we use have become more magic than science to many of us, including myself. And that the tempo of work we feel either from ourselves or others prevents our chance to adequately become confident in how these things work.

As soon as I started done this path I saw similarities between it and the decline of knowledge described in Isacc Asimov’s The Foundation series. That decline led to the people running the machines only being able to run simple maintenances on them and not fully understanding or being able to reproduce them.

The machines work from generation to generation automatically, and the caretakers are a hereditary caste who would be helpless if a single D-tube in all that vast structure burned out.

– Isaac Asimov, Foundation

We are all vulnerable to the fear that we’re going to fall behind if we don’t try and stay current with advances in our field of work. But if you’re holding yourself accountable to those fears instead of just acknowledging them and placing them aside how will you ever get past just simple maintenances?

Writing this is a reminder to myself to take the time I need and not settle on being a caretaker.