Hi! I’m Michael Biven.

I’m an experienced leader building and running platforms and services with technology. Filling roles from an individual engineer, engineering manager and director, to the sole technical person.

My interest have been on the safety, security, and leadership for teams, operations, and cloud infrastructure. I’m a constant learner, a systems thinker, and I love the boring work that makes success possible.

Some of the product and projects I’ve helped launch and support:

  • helping run one of the first live audio/video streaming platforms on the web
  • running the infrastructure at one of the worlds largest petition platforms
  • helping to launch a new streaming music service
  • managing systems engineering for all of the B2C products for one of the worlds top five ecommerce sites
  • managing the platform powering successful political campaigns in the 2016 and 2018 US, 2017 French Presidential, 2017 UK general elections.